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Flexicult Test 

Flexicult Results: Please only complete this form if the patient has been randomised to the Flexicult test.

On Day 1 (day of presentation) please complete:

  • patient details,
  • expiry date of the test
  • date and time that the plate was inoculated

On Day 2 (approx 24 hours later) complete the remainder of the CRF.

Please follow the instructions on the CRF and complete the following:

  • Any bacterial growth,
  • Quantification and identification of bacteria
  • Antibiotic resistance profile 

Please follow the details in the manual or Flexicult link on the POETIC website for detailed information on how to use and interpret the result of the Flexicult test.

Please follow the link above for more information on the Flexicult test and completing CRF 4.